My French book chapter – out now

I was thrilled to receive my hard copy of this new French language book about music criticism in the twentieth century, featuring a chapter written by myself (kindly translated into french by Isabelle Perreault).

This book is the first major synthesis devoted to music criticism in the twentieth century. It explores the different types that music – classical, jazz, rock, song, contemporary music – and all the forms that specialized or generalist music criticism takes. It reviews the main theories and conceptions of music criticism, the typical actors as well as the types and genres they practice. The specificities specific to a given country and such cultural area are also studied. This book is the result of a research program carried out as part of a delegation to the Institut Universitaire de France and produced in partnership with several French and foreign universities. It gathered more than a hundred researchers from various disciplines – literature, languages, musicology, aesthetics, sociology, history or political science – and around thirty critics illustrating all types of music, writing and media. As a main contribution to the cultural history of the twentieth century, it stands out as a major contribution to a reflection on the genre and the practice of criticism in general.  Timothée Picard (dir.)  ISBN 978-2-7535-7920-0 • 1568 p. • 17 x 23 cm • 49 €

Flyer Critique musicale (1)


Published by Dr Jennifer Skellington

In 2010 I completed my PhD thesis entitled ‘Transforming Music Criticism? An examination of changes in music journalism in the English broadsheet press from 1981 to 1991’, at Oxford Brookes University. My research entailed face to face interviews with fourteen long-standing music journalists representing all music genres from the English quality press, the construction of a database cataloguing and analysing all music-related content from a sample of quality newspapers from the period 1981 to 1991 and the detailed discourse analysis of a sample of live music reviews. My key area of expertise is music criticism and music journalism, particularly relating to popular music (including rock, pop, jazz, world music), however my broader teaching and research specialisms cover a wide range of popular music related topics, particularly those associated with popular music and identity (race, gender, nationality, subcultures) and popular music and film. Since completing my PhD I have held associate lecturing posts at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford University, Solent University, Brunel University, the University of Bristol, Bucks New University, the University of Northampton and the University of Worcester.

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