Skellington, J. Populating and popularising the quality press: the emergence of a new voice for popular music in the English broadsheet press, between 1985 and 1990’.  Théories et conceptions de la critique musicale au XXe siècle, comparées aux pratiques critiques des autres arts (Université Rennes Press, September 2020). pp. 1383-1390.IMG_6618

Skellington, J. (forthcoming) (Book review) ‘The British National Daily Press and Popular Music, c.1956-1975, Mitchell, Gillian. Popular Music (Cambridge University Press)

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Litpop: Writing and Popular Music: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

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Skellington, J. ‘Transforming Music Criticism? An examination of changes in music journalism in the English broadsheet press from 1981 to 1991’ (Oxford Brookes University, 2010).  Available via Oxford Brookes Research Archive and Digital Asset Repository at https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/3958d85e-2def-ff16-f3f2-a1dd7aa44b55/1/skellington2010transforming.pdf or from the British Library at http://ethos.bl.uk/OrderDetails.do?did=1&uin=uk.bl.ethos.543819).

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