Between 2017-2019 I worked with Dr Dai Griffiths and Dr Jan Butler at Oxford Brookes University on a collaborative research project concerning music and copyright.  The role included the day-to-day project management of the funded project, conducting qualitative and quantitative research, research dissemination both orally and in writing to academic and public audiences.  Full details will become available shortly through a peer reviewed journal article. Watch this space!

In 2018 I spearheaded an exhibition about the music and musicians of Filkins and Broughton Poggs for the Swinford Museum in Oxfordshire.  This voluntary work included full responsibility for curating the exhibition, involving collecting, researching and presenting the research findings, achieving an increase in visitor numbers, generating BBC radio coverage (promotion and documentary), providing a social media presence for the museum, preparing an accompanying exhibition booklet, securing private sponsorship and increasing museum donations.

Additional research based upon my PhD findings (as yet unpublished) can be found under the ‘Conference Papers’ tab of this website.

Details of my PhD research can be found under the ‘Publications’ tab on this website, where it is also possible to read my thesis online via the link provided.